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outside her brother's home in washington, d.c. that was last night. her affair with david petraeus forced him to resign as head of the cia. >>> and finally, one of the stars in the aftermath of superstorm sandy has been new jersey's governor chris christie. it seems he's been everywhere including "saturday night live" where they talked about that fleece. >> i'd also like to give a special thanks to my wife pat who is here tonight who put up with a husband who smells like a wet fleece for the past three weeks. >> you have been wearing that fleece a lot. >> oh, yeah, it's basically fused to my skin a lot. >> but i have seen you wearing suits. >> oh, yeah, but i wear them over this fleece. i'm going to die in this fleece. >> you know, he actually has a pretty good sense of humor. i ran into him in the green room. i said, did anyone ever tell you look like the governor of new jersey, and he said, without missing a beat, unfortunately, yes. >> nice sense of humor there. >> indeed, thanks, ron, appreciate it. >>> this morning, president obama made a stray comment overseas that speaks volumes ta
's the latest abc news/washington post tracking poll, shows president obama and mitt romney deadlocked at 48%. among likely voters. for mitt romney, it's a final chance to appeal to his base especially in ohio. david muir is with the romney team in cleveland. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. hard to believe 48 hours until election day. the battleground blitz continues for both campaigns. overnight mitt romney in front of an enormous crowd in colorado. and his wife ann romney. overnight in a crowd of front of 17,000, mitt romney in colorado. in an all-out sprint to the finish. >> thank you so very much, colorado. >> reporter: in the last 48 hours, both campaigns crisscrossing the country. romney's closing argument makes the case that he's the -- >> reach across the street to the neighbor that has the other sign in his front yard. [ laughter ] >> and i'm going to reach across the aisle in washington, d.c., to the politicians who are working for the other candidate. >> reporter: on the campaign plane, ann romney making a trip to the back of the plane. talking about the am
. >> reporter: cooperation on disaster relief works. it also plays well politically. in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll, 78% of likely voters said the president has done a good or excellent job handling the storm. in the wake of the storm, romney struck a more positive tone, campaigning in florida. but not directly criticizing the president. >> good democrats love america just like good republicans love america. >> reporter: his daughter dressed as datety perry. and one of his boys as the grim reaper. the abc news/"washington post" poll shows the race is tied nationally. 49% for mitt romney. 49% for barack obama. but each side seems convinced their winning. the obama campaign points to the battleground states. all eight of the states where they're campaigning the hardest, the president is tied or winning. but romney points to michigan, pennsylvania and minnesota, three states thought to be solidly democratic, but where obama is now playing defense. the president, back on the campaign trail today. going to wisconsin, colorado and nevada. mitt romney will be campaigning in virginia. george, yo
, that includes all the way into boston. we have a big mix area. washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york city, even albany. i'll draw it up right here. those lower parts are mixed with rain and snow. then, it will go to snow. northern areas with a little elevation will get all snow out of this system. a quick look at the warmth. l.a., 76 degrees. midland, houston, dallas, beautiful warm temperatures. this warm air move >> more of america's weather in the next half hour. elizabeth? >> sam, thank you so much. >>> and coming up, the political punch lines. the jokes and jabs that have all of us laughing this entire campaign season. you'll see them right ahead. >> we made it through two elections in a row. [ nyquil bottle ] you know i relieve coughs, sneezing, fevers... [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal congestion. [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion. yeah...i heard him. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. but the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down, and you can't
in the explosive affair that has rocked washington and brought down america's top spy, he was also the ciadirector's official biographer. >> reporter: 40-year-old paula broadwell, high school valedictorian, and harvard graduate, made the media rounds earlier promoting "the new york times" best-selling biography of general david petraeus. >> is he awesome or incredibly awesome? >> he can turn water into bottled water. >> what! >> reporter: broadwell like petraeus is an avid runner and said she bonded over her six trips to afghanistan to interview him. >> it was an opportunity for him to interview him on a run. and i thought i'd test him. but he was going to test me. you had to be a runner. >> reporter: the ironman triathlete explained the importance of these runs. >> at some point at mile three or four, he started to pick up the pace. i call it the blooming frog approach because you don't know that the water's getting hotter and hotter. >> reporter: the two met in 2006 when she later began working on a dissertation about the general, he greed to help. that work turned into her book. in a january in
, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. good morning. the date is november 15. i'm steve chenevey. storyin with a developing of district heights where scene of ann the incident there. the circumstances surrounding incident in the 6700 block crippling parkway still not clear. following this story and where the crew on the way. l bring you details coming up shortly. as we talked about earlier this morning, congress will take a the deadly at consulate attack in libya today. the senate intelligence a closed-will hold the septembern attack. cia director david petreaus expected to testify at a house intelligence committee hearing tomorrow. our sistere more on station news channel 8 in an in- dept
on that washington sex scandal, now going in so many directions. abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, starts us off. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. paula broadwell has surrounded herself with lawyers and has said nothing since the scandal broke five days ago. but for the first time we got a glimpse of her here in washington, d.c. overnight, we captured these images of paula broadwell, here inside her brother's home, having a quick dinner and glass of wine. still silent about the accusations swirling around her. caught up in the storm, now, the highly-respected general who commands forces in afghanistan, john allen, accused of exchanging potentially inappropriate e-mails with tampa socialite, jill kelly. after the pentagon's dramatic announcement about allen earlier this week, overnight, the defense secretary teamed to be backing off. >> no one should leap to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job at isaf. he has my continued confidence. >> reporter: an echo of what the white house said tuesday. >> i can tell you that the presid
broke out in the state department in washington, the building was briefly evacuated and then reopened. >>> some victims of hurricane sandy are being victimized once again, burglaries have skyrocketed in the area which is among the hardest hit by the storm. >>> a yacht went up in flames off the coast of miami beach saturday. they were rescued by the coast guard. the yacht was partially submerged and will be towed to shore. >>> an oregon man is lucky to be alive after crashing his truck to a guardrail. >>> finally this morning, notre dame has a chance to be national champions again, the fighting irish beat rival usc capping their first perfect regular season since 1988 and earning a title shot in 24 years. most of the guys on the team aren't even 24 years old. they're beyond excited right now. >> regis philbin is excited, too. >> alex, thanks. >>> congress gets back to business tomorrow after its week long thanksgiving holiday. at the top of its agenda resuming talks with president obama to keep the country from flu jing off the fiscal cliff. let's bring in george stephanopoulos. >> con
it all up for you. >> continues to mushroom. martha raddatz starts out our full coverage from washington. she's been reporting on both generals for a decade. martha, this was stunning news after midnight. >> reporter: it's true. the scandal is more stunning every day. now, under investigation, the commander who replaced david petraeus in afghanistan, marine corps general john allen, who has apparently been exchanging e-mails with the woman at the center of the petraeus affair. this morning, the fbi probe into david petraeus' affair appears to have also ensnared his successor in afghanistan. the pentagon has now launched an investigation into, quote, potentially inappropriate e-mails between general allen and jill kelly, the petraeus family friend at the center of this increasingly strange scandal. the fbi has turned over 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents found during the probe. many are e-mails between allen and kelly sent over the last two years. it was kelly, petraeus' former deputy in tampa, who went to the fbi about threatening e-mails she was receiving. they were eventually traced
allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committmi is... responsible for the content of this advertising. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:26 on this friday, november 2. police are still on the scene of officer-involved shooting that happened in fauquier county. it happens not far from the marine base but the circumstances are not clear. victim isd the deceased. it could be a teenager involved. newschannel 8 will have a live with details up and a couple of minutes. at your commute. are on i-395 at duke prettywhich is looking good. an accident on the shoulder but it is not causing a problem beyond that. on the belly and a hampshire, we volume from college around to georgia avenue in silver spring. is on the poolside with degree temperatures across parts of the west and northern virginia. 34 degrees in manassas. partly sunny today, a few possible this morning otherwise, the about 10 degrees below average. >> we will be back at 7:56. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered t
one from washington. next one from wisconsin. gorgeous skies. it's nice to see the pictures. we retweet them when you send them in. in the midwest, comes a secondary shot of cold air. it reaffirms that it's a little chilly for this time of year. it swings from the great lakes into the northeast and the mid-atlantic. there's cold nights ahead, ladies and gentlemen. if you need to pack up and get extra gear and figure out a way to stay warm, we're giving you advanced notice this morning. and check on the folks you know that are going through the days without power. and make sure they have all the supplies they need to stay warm over >> look at this crowd in times square, ladies and gentlemen. just look at this crowd hanging out with us in new york, as everybody starts to get back to normal. i'm not taking the crowd. all that weather was brought to us by sargento. >> you should come inside. >>> you'll be at home with the amazing costumes and kids. we're celebrating halloween a couple days late. sandy keeping so many kids inside instead of out trick or treating. we wanted to do a li
yesterday. abc's jon karl has more on that from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the speaker of the house told diane he is confident he can strike a deal with the president. but he also took a hard line on the central issue dividing them, tax increases. >> i've made it clear to the president, and i think i said, laid out yesterday, that raising taxes on small businesspeople is the wrong prescription, given where our economy is. >> reporter: but raising taxes on the wealthy was a central issue of president obama's campaign. he talked about it in every, single campaign speech. >> the wealthiest americans got tax cuts. tax cuts. tax cuts. tax cuts. try a tax cut. another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy. that's not changed. >> reporter: in her exclusive interview thursday, diane sawyer pressed the speaker on that. >> he campaigned on it. 60% of the voters have said that they are ready to raise these taxes. they are ready to have the wealthier americans pitch in here. >> i made clear yesterday that raising tax rates is unacceptable. >> reporter: th
themes. >> the last four years, the status quo in washington, they fought us every step of the way. what they're counting on now, is you're going to be so tired of all the dysfunction, that you'll just give up. just walk away. >> reporter: he's making direct appeals, as well, on b.e.t., an ad with jay-z. >> what he represented to a nation of kids was hope. >> reporter: in florida, a spanish-language ad. on monday, he will do three events with bruce springsteen. and, bianna, i want to tell you about this lineup tomorrow. concord, new hampshire, with bill clinton. hollywood, florida, with pit bull. and aurora, colorado, with dan's favorite, dave matthews. >> it's the other way around. >> i'm the dave fan. he's the pit bull fan. >> reporter: i confuse you guys all the time. i'm sorry. i apologize. >> jake, thanks so much. >>> as jake mentioned, it's all about the battleground states and the eight, key races. last night for mitt romney, it was all about ohio. abc's david muir is with the romney campaign in newington, new hampshire. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, biann
abc news/"washington post" tracking polls shows president obama and mitt romney deadlocked at 48% among likely voters. for mitt romney, it's a final chance to appeal to his base especially in the all-important swing state of ohio. abc's david muir is with the romney team in cleveland. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. hard to believe 48 hours now until election day, and the battleground blitz continues for both campaigns. overnight mitt romney in front of an enormous audience in colorado and an emotional moment from his most powerful weapon on the trail, his wife, ann romney. overovernight in front of a crowd of more than 17,000, mitt romney in colorado in an all-out sprint to the finish. >> thank you very much, colorado. you guys are the best. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours both campaigns crisscrossing the country and both stopping in dubuque, iowa, and romney whose closing argument makes him the candidate that will reach across the aisle now asking supporters to reach across the street. >> i want you to reach across the street to the neighbor that has t
on the bombshell that's still reverberating through washington. this morning we are learning more details about the shocking scandal that cost the head of the cia his job. abc's david kerley is in the nation's capital with new information about how general david petraeus' extramarital affair came to light. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna, you're right. some rather stunning details about a frightening e-mail that brought down the director of the cia and general david petraeus. it was an affair between petraeus and his biographer paula broadwell according to sources familiar with the investigation. broadwell had extraordinary access to petraeus when he was running the war in afghanistan. >> they trusted me, so i was able to get a lot of great access and i got to know his family and his mentors. >> reporter: confirmed as cia director more than a year ago -- >> i'll even give him my personal e-mail address. >> reporter: -- several sources tell abc news it was an e-mail that unraveled the affair. a couple of months ago, a woman apparently in the tampa area, with an association
reverberating through washington. more details about the shocking scandal that cost the head of the cia his job. david kerley has new information about david petraeus' extramarital affair came to light. >> reporter: we're learning stunning details about this scandal. about a frighten e-mail that brought down david petraeus. it was an affair between petraeus and his biographer paula broadwell. broadwell had access to petraeus. when he was running the war in afghanistan. >> they trusted me. i was able to get great access. i got to know his family and his mentors. >> reporter: confirmed as a director more than a year ago. several sources tell abc news that it was an e-mail that unravelled the affair. a couple of months ago, a woman apparently in the tampa area, with a association with david petraeus, received a strange and harassing e-mail she not mied the fbi, which launched the investigation. the e-mail was traced back to the computer of paula broadwell. but what agents found instead of a compromised account, were salacious e-mails between petraeus and broadwell. >> there had been rumors of an a
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royally. and abc's martha raddatz has the details from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. petraeus has talked largely through surrogates in the past few weeks. but now, he is communicating directly to friends. telling them his family will survive this. for the first time since he resigned as director of the cia, we're hearing from a seemingly candid general david petraeus, writing in a personal letter to one of his former mentors. >> he said, dear jim. i can't thank you enough for your note, kind words, and support. i can't tell you how much it all meant. i screwed up royally. i paid the price, appropriately. >> reporter: long-retired brigadier general james shelton, says he's been friends with petraeus for more than three decades and reached out to him after he resigned. last week, he says petraeus wrote this note back. >> team petraeus will survive. though i have obviously created enormous difficulty for us. >> reporter: in the letter, petraeus writes that his wife, holly, is, quote, once again demonstrating how incredibly fortunate i was to marry her. s
their candidate is going. the redskins rule. who is winning? and the number four, when the nfl team in washington wins its last home game before the election, the incumbent party usually stays in power come election day. for the record, washington actually dropped its last game, 21-13, to the carolina panthers. we'll see if that nuanced rule does, in fact, hold. we want to take a look, as voters were taking to the web, what they were seeing from their candidates. the final, personal push by candidates and their campaigns, into the personal worlds of the twitterverse. michelle obama tweeting this, four more years. that was at a campaign stop in davenport, iowa. and this, from mitt romney's body man. talking to overflow crowds in fairfax, virginia. and another from his body man. eric draper, take a look. so much more to see here on twitter. we'll look at it all morning, all day long here, george. >> that's a great shot. thank you. that was. that was fantastic. >>> other photos coming in right now. vice president joe biden voting in the state of delaware. there he is, walking into the polling place
this morning, with our senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, who is in washington. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the nation's keeper of secrets was keeping a scandalous one of his own. and just like that, an affair taints a storied military career and life of service to country. the resignation of the cia director stunned a city not easily shocked. one of the country's most respected and disciplined public officials left office admitting an indiscretion. in a statement to cia employees, petraeus acknowledged an affair and what he called extremely poor judgment. such behavior is unacceptable, the statement said. both as a husband, and as a leader of an organization such as ours. on thursday, petraeus went to the white house to turn in his resignation. the same place he had so frequently been called on to serve. >> it is a great privilege to serve with our young men and women. >> reporter: the affair was discovered by the fbi after concerns about inappropriate e-mails associated with petraeus surfaced. a focus of the probe turned to petraeus' biographer, paula broa
a fire broke out at the state department in washington. it started during routine maintenance. the building was briefly evacuated and then reopened. >>> some victims of superstorm sandy are being victimized once again. thieves looted at least three homes in the breezy point neighborhood over the thanksgiving weekend. burglaries have skyrocketed in the area which is among the hardest hit by the storm. >>> an 80-foot yacht went up in flames off the coast of miami beach saturday. three people jumped into the water aboard the boat and were rescued by the coast guard. the yacht was partially submerged and will be towed to submerged after the fire was put out and will be towed to shore. no one was injured. >>> an oregon man is lucky to be alive after crashing his pickup through a guard yale and dangling from a bridge. the wheels of the truck caught the rail keeping it from falling to the ground. they picked it up after an hour. he was arrested for dui. >>> finally this morning, notre dame has a chance to be national champions again, the fighting irish beat rival usc last night, capp
at the fastest pace since the recession. many cite concerns in political uncertainty in washington and slowing demands overseas. >>> and new york city has been forced to extend gas rationing for yet another week. some 30% of the city's gas stations remain closed, three weeks after hurricane sandy roared ashore. >>> and finally an image going viral this morning. take a look. what became the end of a road for a police officer with his van in germany. he was chasing alleged bike thieves when he drove straight into a stretch of newly laid cement. that van, as you can see, came to a sudden and rather complete stop. they eventually did have to bring in a tow truck to get it out. the good news, however, other officers caught up with the bike thieves. it ended well. and, thus, rather hilariously. >> so they pulled it out before the cement hardened. >> yes. >> thank you, josh. >>> the latest now on the sex scandal that cost cia director david petraeus his job. as he plots his next career move, we're also hearing from sources closest to his mistress and protege paula broadwell. abc's pierre thomas bring
. >> abc's jonathan karl is covering all this from washington. jon, on sunday, it looked like some of the senators, graham and mccain, had softened their opposition. but not after the meeting yesterday. what went wrong in that room? >> reporter: once again, they clashed over what rice said about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. in the days after the attack. sources in the meeting said that rice started off by acknowledging that some of what she said was not true. but she presented evidence that that came directly from the cia, everything that she said. the senators responded by accusing both her and the cia of shading it for political reasons. rice, as you can imagine, forcefully denied that. and, george, so did the acting cia director, who was with her in the meeting. the republican senators just didn't buy it. >> jon, the white house insists president obama has not made the decision to nominate ambassador rice for secretary of state. but they also say that this opposition isn't going to make any difference in that decision. >> reporter: they've been consistent
with the most powerful republican in washington right now, house speaker, john boeh r boehner. >>> let's go to josh and top stories. >> the worst day of the year for your money. $300,000 in market value gone. the question is, why? another question, what can we expect in the days ahead? weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga, with answers here. >> reporter: what an ugly day it was yesterday. two things are making the markets nervous here. europe is one of them. the debt crisis there is putting new pressure on germany's economy. and riots are breaking out in greece because the government there is forced to slash jobs. the other crisis is here at home. that so-called fiscal cliff looming. if congress fails to act, spending cuts and tax increases will kick in, costing the average american household, some $3,700 next year. you heard jon karl mention, house speaker boehner is looking to compromise with democrats and raids taxes under the right conditions to stop us from going over that fiscal cliff. we'll see in the days and weeks ahead whether wall street believes that's possible. >> thank you f
trains are all schedule. the baltimore-washington parkway at a baltic car is gone in laurel but delays are from the beltway. use interstate 95 which is a better pace. there was a crash and the legion bridge but it is directiontter in each it is cool to start us off areas, we areng dealing with temperatures in the upper 30's. our high today will be around 50 degrees. we will be back at 7:56. degrees. [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we facece this deficit -- could crush the fututure generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a repubblican or emdemocra. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve thimessage. the number of votes that changed the course of american history. i'm mitt romney, anncr: five hundred and thirty seven. newscaster: florida is too close to call.
since sunday. from oregon to washington. wind gusts of 114 miles an hour in washington state toppled trees and knocked out power to over 50,000 residents. members of seaside, oregon's, fire department had to run for cover, when their vehicle was demolished by a falling tree. >> they were quick enough. they all ran. >> reporter: another near-miss in south bend, washington. a state trooper narrowly escapes a patrol car when a tree comes down on highway 101, igniting the vehicle in a burst of flames. downed power lines are described as being everywhere, and residents are getting warnings again this morning of potential flash flooding. >> the next couple days, the water will be coming up fast. we have to be aware of that. keep an eye on the weather conditions just don't be around the water for now. >> now, most of the country is going to see incredibly dry, warm weather. the possibility of 77 and temperatures like dallas, and maybe 60 degrees in chicagoland. look at the northwest, if you're traveling over the next couple of days. this doesn't leave. it's anywhere from seattle to san fran
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